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PERFORM Human Resources provides comprehensive, process-driven solutions that is adaptable to the company's specific requirements, as well as to constantly growing HR requirements.

Features in HRMS:

  • Detailed information of employees 
    (E.g. Employee Personal Details, Employment History ...)

  • Configurable leave settings that will suit your corporate policy

  • Configure claim settings based on your corporate policy

  • Handles MOM leaves' entitlement/regulations

  • Systematic pro-rate of leave entitlement, increment, service year

  • Individual employee leave application/information/history

  • Management Leave Approval

  • Management Claims Approval

  • Keep track of Employees' course information

  • Display detailed employee course records
    (E.g. Course Centre, Course Fee ...)

  • Reports Print-out 
    (E.g. Employee Details, Custom Report Writer ...)

  • Administrative Letters 
    (E.g. Confirmation Letter, Contract Letter, Salary Adjustment ...)

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14 International Business Park

Singapore 609922


Tel: (+65) 6566-6788
Fax: (+65) 6566-4788

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