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Biometrics Fingerprint reader

Biometric Fingerprint Clock Reader

Biometric fingerprint clock readers are commonly use in Time Attendance System and Access Control System for tracking Time-IN & Time-OUT of each staffs as well as preventing unauthorized personnel from accessing your premises. Manufactured in Singapore, parts of the biometric fingerprint clock reader can be easily replaced and repairing of clock reader are available locally.

We have installed biometric clocking solution with our Time Attendance System and Access Control Software in across Singapore as well as Batam, Fujarah and Malaysia.

Desktop Fingerprint Scanner

Desktop fingerprint scanner interlinks with our Perform Clock Device Management System which is a central enrollment system to centralize all users' fingerprint information for easy downloading of fingerprint templates to multiple clocking devices. 

With desktop fingerprint scanner, ITR have also integrate it with our Perform Web Time Attendance, suitable for Retails sector. It can also be plug-in to Retail existing Point-of-Sales (POS) without having to purchase a desktop/notebook for Time Attendance purpose.

Find out more from our Sales Team Now. 

Fingerprint Reader
Fingerprint/Card Reader (mini)
Finger enrollment scanner
Desktop finger scanner
Turnstile with biometric reader

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