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Manage your staff's timesheet easily with Perform Time Attendance System. Purchase along with fingerprint or facial readers to keep track of the attendance of your staffs.  Available in Standalone software system or integrated HR solution.

Perform Time Attendance System

PERFORM Time Attendance System (TMIS) is a proactive management tool that helps you control cost and monitor manpower while developing and supporting an effective work force for your enterprise. Your company's unique management requirements demand the ability to customize a Time Attendance solution without losing the benefits of standard, supported package.


Other Add-ons:

  • Time Attendance System on Point-of-sales (POS) system

Features in TMIS:

  • Direct linkage with biometric clocking reader* for retrieval of clocking data

  • Communicate with biometric clocking reader* locally or remotely from System

  • Support up to 5-IN-5-OUT (10 clockings) per day

  • Employee Information Importation

  • Leave Information Importation (only applicable with PERFORM Human Resource Management System)

  • Compute Lateness, Early Out, Overtime, Breaks, Allowances, Normal / Actual Hours

  • Support multiple shift types (E.g. Rotating Shifts, Roster Shifts...)

  • Auto-Determine Shifts (ADS) for Staffs with Rotating Shifts

  • Job-Costing Module

  • Support exportation of timesheet data to either PERFORM Payroll Information System or 3rd Party payroll applications (E.g. EasyPay, PayMaster)

  • Report Print-Out  (E.g. Exception Report, Individual Timesheet, Periodic Report...)

*Clock device must be ITR’s connection compliance clock device.

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