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Web Timesheet - Manage your staffs' timesheet over the internet easily.

Perform Timesheet Portal (E-Timesheet)

PERFORM Timesheet Portal is a web-based Time Attendance System for Supervisors/Managers to access and approve staffs’ timesheet via the internet. Linked with PERFORM Time Attendance system, staffs’ timesheet data will reflect according the policies that are setup in PERFORM Time Attendance System. Approved timesheet data can then be exported to either PERFORM Payroll or 3rd Party Payroll System. With  his online E-Attendance System, amending/approving of timesheet can be done as long as there is a PC with internet connection.


Features in PERFORM Timesheet Portal:

  • Access to employees’ timesheet via internet/intranet.

  • Track overtime hours, man-hours easily.

  • Allow batch timesheets/job details amendments.

  • Support supervisor timesheet approval.

  • Color coding to facilitate user on easy viewing of lengthy timesheets.

  • Comprehensive reports like Timesheet Details, Timesheet Summary (Attendance, Overtime etc.),

  • Individual Employee Report, Job Costing Manpower report

  • Allow manual overwrite (more for supervisors) of attendance information (Eg: Late, EarlyOut, Overtime etc) if given the access rights.

  • Different layers of management access to employees’ timesheets.

  • Employee information, miscellaneous settings like Company, Departments, public holiday can be linked from PERFORM Management Suite applications.

  • Support direct linkage of leave transactions to PERFORM Time Attendance System.

  • Able to export reports to excel, pdf files.

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