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Visitor Management System | VMS - Visitor tracking system accessing your premise.  Available as Standalone or Web version. Includes Health and Travel declaration before check-in.

Perform Visitor Management System
PERFORM Visitor Management System (VMS) is a user-friendly solution that streamlines the process of checking in visitors who are accessing in & out of your premises. It allows tracking of visitors’ details easily  as well as temperature recording for awareness in the event of outbreak. Visitors’ registration consists of scanning of their ID using a bar-code scanner & capturing a picture of the visitor through webcam to identify each visitor.

As the solution is locally developed and supported in Singapore, any changes in Singapore government regulations would be catered for or easily customized.

With Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) implementing Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA) regulation to cease collection of personal ID (E.g.: NRIC, FIN, Work Permit, Passport, Birth Cert) by 1st September 2019), PERFORM VMS is ready with the masking feature to ensure no full personal ID is being stored in the system.

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Web Version is available now!!

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  • Standalone/Network system

  • User-friendly Interface

  • User login functionality

  • User access rights management

  • Comes with masked personal ID
    (E.g.: NRIC, FIN, Work Permit, Passport) function during check-in

  • Pre-registrations module

  • System notification tag on new visitor register

  • Search visitor/pass function

  • Bar-code/NRIC/Work Permit/ Driving License/Passport scanning

  • Image taking of Visitor using WebCam

  • Visitor’s temperature recording

  • Visitor Blocked feature

  • Visitor Emergency Evacuation List

  • E-mail notification

  • Health & Travel Declaration form

  • Singapore-based development & support team

  • Allows customization requirements


Visitor Management System (Web Version)

Web version of Visitor Management System is now available in ITR. Our newly launched Web VMS besides having the standard features stated above, it also comes with QuickView Dashboard and Event Visitor Registration Check-IN.  For more information, check out with our friendly Sales Team.


Perform Visitor Management System with OCR Scanner

Perform Visitor Management System with Label Printing

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