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Handling your staff's payroll manually, check out our Payroll system. Available in Standalone or as an integrated HR Solution.
Perform Payroll Information System (PRIS)

Integrated with PERFORM Time & Attendance and PERFORM Human Resources, it tabulates employees’ pay information either deriving from the other PERFORM Co-operated Application or manually keyed-in.

With the complete PERFORM suite, lateness, early out, overtime, allowances, bonuses etc can be seamlessly generated and processed with only a click of a button.

  • Support government implementation on monthly variable component (MVC)

  • Keep track of employees’ salary history

  • Automate salary changes based on salary effective date.

  • Semi-monthly/ Monthly/ Weekly rated staffs payments

  • Supports cross-month payment

  • Adjustable payroll period date range

  • Able to handle multiple-companies payrolls

  • Pro-rate of salary by hired and termination date

  • Pro-rate of allowances/deduction by staffs’ attendance. (If integrated with PERFORM Time & Attendance (PTNA) system)

  • Foreign Worker Levy (FWL) computation

  • Skill Development Fund (SDF) computation

  • Central Provident Fund (CPF) contribution computation

  • Additional wage ceiling capping

  • Allow selection of different formulas to compute over-time, lateness, unpaid leaves etc.

  • Configurable FWL rates

  • Configurable SDL min, max wage and its ceiling.

  • Configurable CPF contributions settings

  • Support e-payslip via email (password protected) or mobile app

  • E-submission for Employment Income (IRAS API enabled ready)  ​

    • Support IR8A, IR8S, Appendix 8A and Appendix 8B

Bank GIRO File Support

  • OCBC

  • DBS

  • POSB

  • UOB

  • HSBC


  • Standard Chartered

  • MUFG Bank

Key Reports (Able to export excel or pdf files)

  • Employee Information Report

  • Employee Pay History Report

  • Employee Wage History Report

  • Employee Pay slip Report

  • IR8A Report

  • Financial Report

  • Leave Costing Report

  • Journal Report

  • Overtime Report

  • Remuneration Statistic Report

  • Payment Listing Report

  • Pay Allowances & Deductions Report

  • Custom Report Writer with save features of queries.

Data Backup

  • Automated Database Backup Scheduler


  • User data access and screen modules access rights control

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