Handling your staff's payroll manually, check out our Payroll system. Available in Standalone or as an integrated HR Solution.

Integrated with PERFORM Time & Attendance and PERFORM Human Resources, it tabulates employees’ pay information either deriving from the PERFORM Management Suite Applications or manually keyed-in. 


With the complete PERFORM Management Suite, Lateness, Early Out, Overtime, Allowances, Bonuses etc can be seamlessly generated and processed with only a click of a button.

Features in PRIS:

  • Calculation of CPF, FWL, No Pay Leave, Shift OT, Allowances and Deductions

  • Supports multiple companies in one database, one application

  • Automated payroll process with abstraction of data from Perform Time & Attendance 

  • Follows closely on MOM/ CPF Board regulations on employment and payroll rules and regulations

  • Keep track of employees' salary history

  • Semi-monthly/Monthly rated employees' payment

  • Flexible configuration to compute lateness, overtime, unpaid leaves, foreign worker levy, CPF contributions setting and etc..

  • Supports cross-month payment

  • Able to handle multiple companies payroll

  • Online Annual IR8A and IRAS Line program

  • CPF Submissions by listing, diskettes or CPF lines

  • Inter bank GIRO services

  • E-submission IR8A

  • Report Print-Out 
    (E.g. Custom Report Writer, Employee Pay slip, IR8A, Financial Report ...)

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