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Manage your staff's leave application records with our E-Leave system. It can be purchased as a Standalone web application or integrate with our HR solution.

Perform Leave Portal (E-Leave)

PERFORM Leave Portal is a web-based application in which enables staffs to manage their leave records and for their respective supervisors/management to approve and keep track of their subordinates leave information at an ease via the internet. With this online electronic leave management system, it provides the  conveniences to your staffs and reduces the workload of data entry on your HR personnel.

Features in E-Leave Portal:

  • Instantly know “Who’s On Leave” in your department upon login

  • Apply and Cancellation of  “My Leave”/ “Employee Leave”

  • Check leave balance and details of “My Leave”/”Employee Leave”

  • Review and Approval of subordinates’ leave records

  • Email notification functionality

  • Allows user-definable  leave policies besides the standard leave policies like AL, ML, UL etc

  • Caters for MOM regulation on certain leave policies like medical, hospitalization, child care, maternity leave etc.

  • Flexible changes to an individual staff’s leave policies without affecting the other staffs holding the same leave scheme

  • Support 2 level of approval if required

  • Handle 2 kinds of user login access type - Windows Active Directory or Application Control

  • Different layers of management access to staffs’ leave records

  • Allows ad-hoc increment of leave days by individual

  • Comprehensive reports like Employee Leave Details Report, Leave Application Summary Report, Employee Leave Scheme Report, Leave Transaction Report etc

  • Employee information, miscellaneous settings like Company, Departments, public holiday can be linked from PERFORM Management Suite applications.

  • Support direct linkage of leave transactions to PERFORM Time Attendance System.

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