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Adventures in Azure Backup Server part 2

In order to test the recovery of my backup I created an A1 virtual machine in Azure, added 2 Data disks (2TB HDD space for recovery) and proceeded to install Azure Backup Server, then recover data from my recovery vault. (password required, do not lose your password!) Things to note: 1. the recovery spent a long time appearing to do nothing. Literally nothing. There was no disk access to the relevant hard disks, no high CPU usage, no apparent network traffic. This does not mean the recovery is crashing. 2. Recovery takes place in 2 phases: there is the online recovery (pulling data into your staging area aka recovery folder) then the restore from staging area. Your staging area should have as more space than your restore data. My recovery crashed, causing Azure Backup to crash on starting console, until a dpmsync.exe -sync was run. This is attributed to my not having enough disk space to contain the restore and the staging space. (turns out I may have needed 3-4tb, which is too big for an A1 VM to host) 3. My staging area is still not clean after the restore is complete. Still haven't figured out that one as it is supposed to be automatically cleared after recovery. At worst case, when doing a recovery, place your staging area in a location where you can do a quick format later. 4. Performance: see attached image for some idea of recovery from LRS recovery vault. Do note that a recovery into Azure ought not to consume download bandwidth. I won't know for sure until the next billing report though.

5. That same image - Data Transferred appears to be reporting incorrectly at 0MB. It could be due to this being an Azure VM.

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