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On Teamviewer Security

So teamviewer may have been breached. Or maybe not. Maybe people should not use the same passwords between different accounts.

For those not in the know, about a month ago several people have reported their computers being taken over by teamviewer. You can see the initial reports here: and here and a security best practice thread has even been posted here: Bear in mind these are recommendations from the users themselves. Here is Teamviewer official response: But what is a corporate user supposed to do when supporting a large organization with many users over teamviewer? One possible solution is: Quicksupport. It's been there for a while now, it's just not the default app that they will send you to (blah blah market share blah blah) but if you scroll down a bit from the download button, there it is. What benefit do you have from using quicksupport over Teamviewer? 1. Users have to actively run the app when they require help. Have a level of deniability should the user claim you have been logging into his computer without his permission 2. The app cannot be installed or run as a service. Don't have your teamviewer running all the time, even when you don't need it to. One thing not possible so far is prevent teamviewer from running as a host when you are the guest. It could be a technical issue preventing this, but not likely as this is the way the mobile app works, at least on IOS. - Work safely and securely

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